What is it?

Ears can be a haven for dirt and grime. Including Ear Clear in your pet’s weekly grooming regime will help clean dirt and wax from the ear to help maintain ear health.

Ear Clear is free from detergents, irritating chemicals and sticky oils and can be used to maintain your pet’s general ear health. It also comes with a handy dropper making it easy to use. Suitable for dogs, cats and small animals of all ages.

Directions & Dosages

Shake the bottle well before use. Recommended dosage can be used daily or weekly up to 2 times per day as required.

3 drops x 2 daily


Small: 1/2 dropper x 2 daily
Medium to large: Full dropper x 2 daily

Delivery: Liquid solution
Contraindications: Perforated ear drum

Why use it?

Our pet’s ears need regular maintenance to ensure they are clean and clear. When wax is allowed to build up in the ear, dirt can then adhere itself to the waxy surface.  A weekly dose of Ear Clear will remove debris, wax and odours without causing discomfort.

Ear Clear is one of our most popular products with a 5 star rating by our regular customers. Created to maintain regular ear health, Ear Clear contains the finest plant extracts and natural ingredients including Aluminium Acetate, an effective cooling and drying agent.

Ear Clear’s gentle Witch Hazel and Aloe vera based formulation harnessing natures best to gently alleviate day to day gunk and blockages in your pet’s ears. Incredibly easy to use with the dropper provided to minimise any discomfort for both you and your beloved pet.


  • Gentle ear cleaner
  • Maintain, healthy clean ears
  • Cleans without irritation
  • Remove debris, wax and odours
  • Ideal for use after swimming
  • Maintain overall ear health
  • Free from detergents, irritating agents and sticky oils
  • Easy-Dose dropper for easy administration
  • Suitable for dogs, cats and small animals of all ages
  • Sulphate and Paraben free
  • Aluminium acetate solution
  • Aloe vera
  • Witch hazel
  • Boric acid
  • Lavender oil

How often can I use Ear Clear?

Ear Clear can be used twice daily when ears are inflamed and infected, otherwise you can use it weekly for cleaning and ear maintenance. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, seek veterinarian advice.

Can I use this on my pet’s ears that are infected?

Yes, Ear Clear is very soothing for ear infections, including yeast and mite infections.

Can I use this for my pet who has a perforated ear drum?

We recommend consulting with your vet and not using any ear drops for pets with perforated ear drums.

My dog yelped when I first used this, is this hurting my pet?

If your pet’s ear is infected, then it might feel quite sensitive because of the inflammation, but more often than not, it feels cold and they can be startled by the feeling of cool liquid going into their ear. For this reason, we do not recommend storing this in the fridge.

Do I put this into the ear or wipe around the outside?

Ear Clear comes with a handy dropper which allows you to drop the liquid inside the ear. Any excess can be wiped away as normal.

There is some brown / black gunk coming out of my pet’s ear. What is this?

Ear Clear liquid penetrates deep into the ear and may loosen some of the grime or build up in the ear.

The liquid is not clear, is this normal?

Yes, the base liquid is combined with infused herbs, which discolour the liquid, but is very safe. You also may see sediment in the bottom of the bottle, this is simply herbal residue and very beneficial for your pet’s ear.