What is it?

Crafted with care and precision, RespraEze is a liquid enriched with bio-dynamic herbal extracts, notably Echinacea, aimed at providing swift and effective support for common respiratory issues in pets, including kennel cough and cat flu.

This innovative formula is not only fast-acting but also gentle on your pet’s stomach, making it the ideal choice for owners who prioritise their furry companions’ health. With RespraEze, you can breathe easy, knowing your pet has a trusted ally in maintaining their respiratory vitality.

Directions & Dosages

Directions: Mix required dosage with food and always provide clean, fresh drinking water. May be diluted with water to improve palatability.

Small dogs (1-10kg): 1ml x 2 daily.
Medium dogs (11-26kg): 2ml x 2 daily.
Large dogs (27-44kg): 3ml x 2 daily.
Giant dogs (45+kg): 4ml x 2 daily.
Cats: 1ml x 2 daily.

Store below 25° away from direct sunlight.

Why use it?

  • Bio-dynamic herbal extracts: Promotes optimal respiratory health for pets.
  • Liquid formula: Stress-free dosage for both pets and pet parents, can be added to food.
  • Quick relief: Helps pets breathe easier and feel better rapidly.
  • Gentle on stomach: Ensures your pet’s comfort during usage.
  • Immune system boost: Reduces the risk of common illnesses.
  • Multi-pet friendly: A versatile solution for your entire pet family.
  • White Horehound 
  • Marshmallow Root 
  • Echinacea 
  • Licorice 
  • Andrographis  
  • Golden Seal 

My dog gets a seasonal cough, will this help?

Yes, RespraEze is a great support for pets suffering with seasonal coughs and respiratory issues.

Can I use this for my cat?

Yes, you can use RespraEze to support cats as well during seasonal issues.

Does it taste nice?

RespraEze has a strong taste and can be watered down to administer.

My dog won’t drink it, what can I do?

If your pet is not keen to take RespraEze, you can sweeten it with coconut sugar, which is still a natural product.

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